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Once there was a hill.

It was a very quaint hill, with little trees and rocks dotting the gentle slopes. Little rabbits could be found on this hill, nibbling on berry bushes, or burrowing holes. Radiant bluejays and robins would sing their hearts out, charming anyone who heard their song. The bright blue sky melted into the sleepy golden hill, an autumn sun reflecting on the willows and plains.

At the top of the hill was a tree. It was a very large tree, perhaps a pine or maple tree, but it was a tree all the same. Leaves of many hues, reds and oranges, floated leisurely to the ground, resting on the dewy grass. Gigantic piles were formed from the crisp leaves, as they shriveled from the soft chill of the seasonal breeze, and to the two boys who traveled up the hill, it looked ripe for the taking.

"I'm gonna beat 'ya there!" A toothy teen boasted as he sprinted towards the pile. His silver hair flapped gracefully as he gained speed.

"In your dreams, Nickel!" The boy's companion chased after him, holding his bright red baseball cap firmly to his head. Reaching out with one hand, he swooped his arm around Nickel's waist and pulled him back. Gaining the lead, the bigger boy leapt and threw his body into the pile of leaves.

 "Baseball, that's not fair!!" Nickel shouted as he jumped into the considerably-smaller pile of leaves. As his friend reached the surface, the snarker punched him in the shoulder, "You cheated!!" His friend responded only with a chuckle.

"I got here first!" He ruffled Nickel's hair before setting his hat on top of Nickel's head. Throwing his arms behind his head, he leaned back into the soft pillow and closed his eyes.

Nickel and Baseball were almost literally friends from birth. They'd known each other their whole lives, and they'd had the strongest of friendships. Nickel was the pessimist of the pair, lashing out with sarcastic comments and snarky smirks. Baseball was the more temperate one, who could tolerate anyone as long as they didn't call him fat. Baseball didn't see himself as fat, and though he was considerably larger than Nickel, he knew it was pudge. Just big bones and muscle.

Of course, Nickel knew how he felt about his weight, and never even mentioned it jokingly. That was one of the things he loved about Nickel. That and the pouts he made whenever he had lost. In fact, he was doing it right now.

"That wasn't fair! You're stronger than me," he frowned and punched Baseball again, though a bit lighter, "If I were stronger than you, I woulda beat you..."

Baseball laughed, "Okay, okay.. Whatever you say,"

Nickel opened his mouth to say more, only to have a handful of leaves tossed at his face, several getting in his mouth. He spat and spluttered, before bowling over Baseball. Pushing him into the leaves, Nickel wrestled fiercely, before finding himself overpowered by Baseball's strength, "Hey!!!"

Baseball snickered, "It's like you set yourself up for this... Well you'll get no mercy!" He dug his fingers into Nickel's sides, earning a small giggle. Much to Nickel's chagrin, Baseball intensified the stroking, and slight giggles turned to loud guffaws, "B-Baseball!!! St-Stah..." Either, Baseball hadn't heard him or he ignored him because this only prompted the tickling to move to his arms. Nickel's laughs rebounded down the hill, and animals fled from their resting places. Tears fell down the sassmaster's face, and is sides ached. Squirming from beneath Baseball, he just couldn't push him off, "Pl-Pleasee..."

Baseball grinned and nuzzled his neck softly, earning a squeal. Nickel blushed and his fighting continued, "H-Hey don't do that!" Baseball buried his nose through the crook of Nickel's neck, breathing softly while gently prodding his stomach. Nickel held his breath, and squirmed, this time not from lack of comfort, but more from pleasure. Stubble brushed gently against his skin, and the smooth smell of aftershave wafted in the air. As much as he'd never say it out loud, Nickel loved it when Baseball got close to him like this. Whether intentional or not, it made Nickel feel as though something could form between them, more than friends, more than brothers.

It's not that Nickel was afraid that Baseball would think his preferences creepy. It seemed as though everyone in town had no gender preference when it came to dating. In fact, Nickel could never keep track of the couples, because they'd switch constantly. One day Suitcase would be head over heel over the short, but supposedly sweet Balloon. The next day she'd be gushing over the dark, mysterious character of Knife. It was all quite confusing to Nickel, and he was sure that there were people in their neighborhood who had dated almost every person in ton (notably his cousin Coiny).

But that would most definitely be the problem in confessing his feelings. The problem would be that Baseball would be utterly freaked out at being the object of attention to his best friend. It was one think knowing your friend was gay. It was another thing to know that your friend was gay for you. Nickel could only see disaster resulting from a confession, so he'd kept his mouth shut for seven years. Nickel knew that his fantasies of warm Christmases and romantic Valentine's Days were never to come from Baseball. They'd always be friends.

Yet, here he was, being nuzzled to death by his crush.

"You should stop thinking so deeply, Nickel," he thought to himself, "You're over analyzing and should just give up. Yep that's what you're going to do!" Nickel stopped moving and lie stiff, hoping Baseball would stop the relentless teasing.

Baseball felt Nickel stiffen and panicked. "Oh God," he thought, "He doesn't like it,"  

It was at this point Baseball began to doubt himself. Maybe he had misinterpreted Nickel's behavior. It seemed as though Nickel felt the same that he did, and finally, Baseball and seized the chance to show Nickel that he returned those feelings. Baseball had loved Nickel their whole lives, protecting him at all costs. Baseball had received several suspensions for school, after beating the crap out of Knife for even touching Nickel. Sure, he could be overprotective at times, but he couldn't help it. Nickel was his life, set on top of baseball in his list of priorities.

He remembered when they were kids, and gave each other flowers for Valentine's Day. Nickel would stand in his tip toes and kiss Baseball on the cheek, and Baseball would lean down to kiss his forehead. It was a ritual, all the way up to middle school. The affectionate gestures stopped as they grew up, a slight gap between them. Nevertheless, they would always be close.

Baseball visually paled and rolled off of Nickel, "Heh, guess you learned your lesson, eh?" He tried to pass it off jokingly, as if he hadn't meant in.

Unfortunately, Nickel took it this way.

"Yeah, guess so," he mumbled, and tossed a leaf out of his hair. He couldn't help but feel slight disappointment, and even a sliver of anger at this reaction. He had known it all along; it was never going to happen. Nickel sighed softly, and Baseball could sense Nickel's unease. Baseball slapped himself in the face mentally, "God, I'm such a moron, why can't I ever read him?!"

An awkward silence formed between the two, and they could literally feel the tension. Nickel played with the ends of his scarf half-heartedly, and Baseball desperately tried to form a plan to eliminate the awkward atmosphere.

Soon, the afternoon turned into evening, and the sun started to set, stars taking its place. A strong smell of dew laced the air. The bright blue sky turned into hazy purples and reds, and the sun turned into a radiant orange, intensifying the smoky colors of the leaves. As Baseball looked at Nickel, he could see a halo of light form around his body.

"He's beautiful..." Baseball thought. As a child, he'd been raised that men couldn't be beautiful, and that they were "handsome", but at this moment in time, there was nothing handsome about Nickel. His lashes dipped delicately as he inspected the cracked leaves, and the every strand of hair gleamed from the lingering shards of light.  Freckles sprinkled his nose, his cheeks were a soft russet, and his lips were deliciously deep and looked so soft. Baseball blushed. This wasn't handsome: Nickel was truly beautiful. He felt his heart pound faster.

Nickel took the silence as his chance to observe Baseball, and managed to catch his friend's eye. They stared at each other, drinking each other in. Nickel looked into Baseball's baby blues, and found everything he loved in the man. The calm demeanor he always exerted, the honesty he'd always given people. Nickel wasn't much of a touchy-feely kind of guy, but with Baseball it was different. His stomach churned, and he realized that he what he wanted most of all was the feeling of Baseball's lips on his. They were just so lush, ripe for the taking. His mouth and lips grew drier, and Nickel licked his lips.

He gazed up, and realized that he still had Baseball's hat on. Chuckling slightly, Nickel took it off and held it out, "Haha I think this is yours!" Baseball caught his wrist as he reached his arm out, and Nickel jumped startled. A look of determination covered Baseball's face, and before Nickel could respond, Baseball wrenched Nickel to him, slamming their lips together. After the initial pain in his teeth, Nickel found his response instant, and wrapped his arms around Baseball's neck. His lips really were soft, and his mouth warm and inviting.

Baseball was in his own state of euphoria. Not only did Nickel not push away his advances, he was returning them. He dug his fingers through Nickel's silky hair and tilted his head, deepening the kiss. He placed his other hand on the middle of Nickel's back, pushing him closer. He could feel his friend's hands roam the back of his neck and shoulders, and let out a low groan. He'd never felt this ecstasy in his life, but he loved it.

The sound broke Nickel's bliss, and he gently broke the kiss. Baseball started to protest but Nickel kissed him lightly, shutting him up. Pulling back, he whispered, "Don't talk," and Baseball obeyed. Lying down, Nickel rested his head on Baseball's chest, letting the soft pounding lull him to sleep. Wordlessly, Baseball stroked his back, rubbing it soothingly, and soon enough Nickel had fallen asleep. Baseball smiled once more before nodding off himself. Both men had found what they wanted, and they would be determined to keep it.
So my first Bickel fic, why I haven't written one yet is beyond me
Anyways enjoy, and if you don't like it, don't flame me or hate me, just don't comment
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